IVF Info has been established with the sole aim of helping those couples, who are suffering from infertility. IVF treats its patients with utmost care and the programme of IVF treatment is decided after detailed consultation, investigation and counselling by our experienced consultants, under the expert guidance & supervision of Dr. Manisha Singh. We share healthy reputation for treatment of IVF in India

At this moment there are more than a million infertile couples in India trying for a conception.IVF (in vitro fertilization) or ‘test tube baby’ is the magic word for infertile couples desperately desirous of a child. Through this technology which is a boon to mankind, many who had no chance of having their own child, are now proud parents. Though by IVF a couple has up to a 60% chance of success, the success rate may vary from couple to couple and may not be the same for all couples.